July 28, 2011

DAC Service Revamped to Offer Additional Levels of Support

The Data Audit & Certification (DAC) service was created to help manufacturers populate and maintain high quality product information in the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). IDEA has completely revamped the program to provide a higher level of proactive support, including a dedicated Data Quality Analyst (DQA) and custom monthly IDW reports.

Did you know? All manufacturers that leverage IDEA’s DAC service receive:

Dedicated Data Quality Analyst (DQA)

  • Your DQA will help you develop a plan to prioritize what product information to populate, train you how to launch the population process, and actively follow-up after each Load Summary as well as assist with correcting errors.
  • Your DQA is available to format and load data for you so you can focus your time and resources elsewhere.
  • Your DQA is committed to your product information. Their ultimate goal is to make sure you load the highest quality data in the most efficient way.

Exclusive access to monthly reports and analysis

  • Detailed summary reports highlight and help correct errors so you can prioritize your product data improvement strategy.
  • Reports indicating the percentage of fields populated will enable you to analyze the product information according to your distributors’ needs and compare key components of your data.
  • The automated reports continually monitor important aspects of the data that can be overlooked once data is sent to the IDW. Essentially, the DAC provides continuous data scrubbing so that you can catch and correct potential errors on the spot.

In addition, your product information will be labeled as “Certified” in the IDW so that distributors know they can expect hassle-free transactions when using your data to make buying and selling decisions.

Download the new Data Audit & Certification (DAC) datasheet and contact your Account Manager at am@idea-esolutions.com to find out how you can leverage the new DAC service to take a proactive approach to data quality.