January 10, 2017

Data Certification Program Exemptions for Non-Stock Items Extended

Certain data fields have been exempt from the compliance requirements of the Data Certification Program for all non-stock and repair/replacement items within the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) since the launch of the program. This exemption status – allowing for a manufacturer to leave the identified fields blank without incurring any penalty toward program achievements - was extended to the programmatic excellence requirements in Q2 2016.

These programmatic excellence exemptions were originally scheduled to be lifted from non-stock items only by Q2 of 2017, but exemptions will now remain in place for non-stock items through December 31, 2017.

Why did IDEA extend the period allowing exemptions for non-stock items?

The extension of the exemption period accommodates the roll-out of the Next-Generation IDW platform to customers in Q3 and Q4, 2017. Learn more at http://idea4industry.com/applications/next-gen.

Which data fields are exempt from the compliance and programmatic excellence requirements? 

To see a full list of all exempted fields, click the “Guidelines” button on the Data Certification landing page within the IDW (log into the IDW, and navigate to Advanced > Information > Data Certification). In summary, exemptions fall within certain packaging, digital assets, and category attributes fields for non-stock items and repair/replacement items.

If, however, a manufacturer does populate one of the exempt fields, then all of the content within that field will be evaluated as normal.

Do exemptions impact Data Certification achievements?

Yes. If a manufacturer’s compliance and programmatic excellence have been achieved due to these exemptions, those items will NOT be eligible for full data certification.

Will the exemptions for repair/replacement items also extend through December 2017?

Though non-stock exemptions are scheduled to end in December 2017, the repair/replacement exemptions will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

If you have questions or concerns about these exemptions, or the Data Certification Program in general, please reach out to your Data Management Specialist, or email idwsupport@idea4industry.com. Stay tuned for additional resources, including training webinars, to be made available.