August 30, 2016

EDI Expert Video Series 3.0 Episode 1: EDI Map Fields

In EDI Expert Video Series 3.0, IDEA’s B2B EDI Solutions Manager Tom Guzik continues to explore the ins and outs of EDI. Intended as a guide to small IT teams making big decisions and changes, this series answers the questions about various aspects of EDI implementation, integration, and maintenance. In this episode, we discuss what fields need to be incorporated into an EDI map when getting started.

Q: How do you determine what fields need to be incorporated into an EDI map when getting started?

A: When you’re creating a map for a trading partner, the fields that are required are typically those that you need to send, if you’re sending out a purchase order – something that they’re going to need to have to process your order. If you’re creating a map for something coming inbound, such as processing an inbound EDI invoice, again, you need to let your trading partner know what those fields are.
Essentially, you’re trying to minimize the amount of data coming in, because you typically pay by the data size. But you also need to make sure that you get all the information that’s required for both systems, yours and your trading partner’s.

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