February 11, 2015

EDI Expert Video Series Episode 10: What is a Kilo-Character?

In the latest installment of IDEA’s EDI Expert Series, IDEA’s Manager, B2B Solutions, Tom Guzik explains what a kilo-character is and how you can run a report to calculate your kilo-characters. He also discusses other reports companies can run on the IDX for helpful EDI insight. 

With each installment, we will bring you answers to frequently-asked questions about EDI for users and non-users alike. If you have any questions you would like answered in a future segment, submit your topic to communications@idea4industry.com.

Q: What is a kilo-character and how do I calculate them?

A. A kilo-character is essentially one thousand characters, and it’s important to know that because typically, within an EDI document, every single character, every single space, every single delimiter is one character. So, billing is not based on the characters; it’s based on a thousand characters, or a kilo-character. So, essentially, all you need to do is take the number of characters within your document and divide that by a thousand, which will give you your kilo-character count. 

Q. What are some other reports I might want to produce on my EDI traffic?

A. The first report you could easily produce is if you want to get your kilo-character count without having to do the math. You can go onto the IDX Tracker under the Analysis Tool – that gives you all your values within a kilo-character count range; it’s not in characters. So, you would simply put in the date range for what you’re looking to do.

If you wanted to compare your invoice from IDX to what your usage was, you simply put in the date frame from the first of the month to the last of the month, and it will give you your kilo-character count.

Other reports that are available, which I think would be important to have, are the unacknowledged reports, which basically tell you what EDI transactions you’ve sent for which you have not gotten any acknowledgements for. If so, you may want to contact your trading partner, because they may not have actually received that [EDI] document. You wouldn’t want to have a shipment delayed because someone didn’t get what was sent. 

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