June 23, 2015

EDI Expert Video Series Episode 14: Transaction Troubleshooting in the IDX

In the latest installment of IDEA’s EDI Expert Series, IDEA’s Manager, B2B Solutions, Tom Guzik walks through some EDI transaction troubleshooting tips including: how to determine if a transaction was sent successfully, why your trading partner might not have received a transaction, and if you can send transactions to non-IDEA trading partners.

With each installment, we will bring you answers to frequently asked questions about EDI for users and non-users alike. If you have any questions you would like answered in a future segment, submit your topic to communications@idea4industry.com.

Q: How can I find out if my EDI transaction in the Industry Data Exchange (IDX) was sent successfully?

A:  The way to find out if your transaction was successfully transmitted to your trading partner is to:

  1. Log into the IDX Tracker
  2. Go to the “Advanced Search” criteria
  3. Look for the “Acknowledged” menu option
  4. Check the “Yes” box under “Acknowledged”
  5. Enter the transaction’s ISA control number (an ID unique to that specific document)
  6. Search results will appear, showing if a 997 EDI acknowledgement document has been sent back, confirming the receipt of your transaction.

Q: Why might my trading partner not have received an EDI transaction?

A: There are many reasons why your trading partner may not have received a transaction, but usually the most common is that the document got rejected at either the transaction level or at the group functional level, where the document was sent as part of a batch.

Another way to determine if a transaction was not received is to check if it was acknowledged. You can still see if a 997 came back, but it could indicate that the transaction was rejected. 

It’s important to do functional acknowledgement reconciliation, whereby you’re checking the functional acknowledgements (FAs) coming in. Make sure they all have an “A” status, meaning they have been accepted, and not an “R” status of rejected.

Q: Can I send EDI transactions to my non-IDEA trading partners?

A: Absolutely. When you’re subscribed to the IDX services, we have gateway connections to all the major Value-Added Networks (VANs) in the world. There are approximately 80 VANs, and with our unique partnerships, you’re able to send to, and receive from, any partner on any VAN, anywhere, globally.