July 2, 2015

EDI Expert Video Series Episode 15: IDX Mailbox Connectivity

In the latest installment of IDEA’s EDI Expert Series, IDEA’s Manager, B2B Solutions, Tom Guzik assists IDX customers who are having trouble connecting to their IDX mailbox.

With each installment, we will bring you answers to frequently asked questions about EDI for users and non-users alike. If you have any questions you would like answered in a future segment, submit your topic to communications@idea4industry.com.

Q: Why am I having trouble connecting to my IDX Mailbox? 
A:  Typically, this problem is related to your IP address. When you change your IP address, you need to notify the IDX support team because one of our security measures – that helps ensure the safety and integrity of the IDX and your EDI transactions – is to whitelist, by which we approve and make safe the IP address, and we store that on our central server. 
So, any unauthorized or unknown IP addresses attempting to access the IDX are blocked. If you can’t connect to your IDX mailbox, it’s usually related to an IP address.
It’s possible that you may have had an application change within your firewall, but that would be more complex, and typically more people would have been involved, so, it’s not the likely issue. Try the simple solution: make sure, if you have a new IP address, that it is registered.