October 22, 2014

EDI Expert Video Series Episode 5: What is Message Disposition Notification (MDN)?

EDI Expert Insights with Tom Guzik, Manager B2B EDI Solutions

This issue’s video defines Message Disposition Notification. Click here or on the video above to watch. If you have any questions you would like answered in a future segment, submit your topic to communications@idea4industry.com

Q: What is Message Disposition Notification (MDN)? 

A: A message disposition notification, or MDN, is an acknowledgement that is sent when an AS2 system sends a transmission, or a packet of data. It is important because the MDN provides verification that the packet of data was received, that the contents were verified as correct, and that there was non-repudiation by the recipient of that document.

What’s also important to note about MDN is that acknowledgement occurs at the transport level and not at the translator level. So, if you’re not enabled with your MDNs and there is a problem with the packet of data and it gets rejected by the recipient, you won’t know it until the EDI that you had sent becomes dated and nobody has responded to it.

So there’s a difference between MDNs and functional acknowledgements, 997s, which are used in EDI. But if you are using AS2, you want to have your MDNs enabled.  

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