January 15, 2015

EDI Expert Video Series Episode 9: EDI v. Web Order Entry

EDI Expert Insights with Tom Guzik, Manager B2B EDI Solutions 

This issue’s video discusses the difference between EDI and web order entry. Click here or on the video above to watch. If you have any questions you would like answered in a future segment, submit your topic to communications@idea4industry.com

Q: What is the difference between EDI and Web Order Entry? 
A: The difference between EDI and web order entry is that EDI is a partnership that’s created between two trading partners. You’re sending EDI, they’re receiving EDI and there’s automation on both sides. Your system is programmatically creating the output – there’s no manual intervention, there’s no errors, because it’s all done through the system. Then your recipient gets that file and it’s programmatically sent into their system, or it’s loaded in, untouched. So, you have automation on both sides – both parties have efficiencies that they’ve gotten from this.
If you’re using web order entry, that works too, but the benefits are really one sided. It’s the company that has the web order entry system who’s really getting the benefits, because the other party has to manually key in all that information. Plus, it introduces the possibility of errors because now you still have a manual process – someone’s logged into your system. So yes, you do get some automation, but you’ve exposed yourself to some errors because they can miskey things in.
So, that’s essentially what the difference is. There is value on a web order system, but true efficiencies are only gained when you have both parties using EDI and trading documents automatically and programmatically.

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