April 26, 2012

electroindustry Magazine – Climbing the eBiz Mountain

It’s one thing to gaze at a mountain range and marvel at its magniicence, but it’s another thing to put on your hiking boots and start climbing. Where do you start? Who do you partner with? What equipment do you need? How long will it take? How can you ensure you reach
your destination? Many feel the same way when they tackle mountainous eBusiness initiatives-overwhelmed. Yet, with customers demanding easier ways to do business, rich rewards await those companies who can scale the eBiz mountains. Any company can purchase the latest and greatest technology, but that alone doesn’t equal success. Rather, excellence belongs to those who can prioritize, commit resources, take action, motivate change, and see tangible results. It’s a mysterious mix that only an elite few have mastered.To discover the keys to success, we approached the recent winners of IDEA’s Richard Buzun Award-Cooper Industries and Border States Electric (BSE).