April 26, 2012

Erik Wahl Announced as Keynote Speaker of the 2012 E-Biz Forum

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 Erik Wahl’s video tribute to Steve Jobs

Erik Wahl, an internationally recognized graffiti artist, author and entrepreneur, will open the ­2012 IDEA E-Biz Forum on September 26th in Dallas, TX. Wahl redefines “keynote speaker” by incorporating on-stage painting as a visual metaphor of his core message, encouraging organizations toward profitability through innovations and superior levels of performance. Wahl’s paintings auction from $7,000 – $27,000 – Forum attendees will help us decide which charitable cause will get the proceeds.

The Art of Vision

The best sustainable edge in business is the ability to differentiate yourself from your competition. Through this entertaining and highly practical program, we will uncover new ways to make your organization more creative, innovative and profitable, but more-so, help your employees to see the need to become better storytellers within your company and towards your industry.

Professionals at all levels, who embrace innovative strategies, can achieve superior levels of performance by creatively and visibly differentiating themselves from the competition. No matter what kind of organization—from small companies to large corporations—employees at all levels will better embrace the future by becoming more innovative, more productive and ultimately more profitable.

About Wahl­

­ ­Wahl’s understanding of vision was originally born in the school of disappointment. After an eight-year career as a partner in a corporate firm, he became frustrated by the lack of innovative thought and corresponding profits he saw in business. So, he set out to challenge companies to change their way of thinking, while simultaneously pursuing his own individual passions. He rediscovered his love for art, and now plays in th­e business world by working through his art. Find out more about Wahl>­



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