February 6, 2014

ETIM International Releases New Video about Product Data Standards

ETIM International, an IDEA strategic partner, recently released the video below to explain the value of product data standards in the electrical industry and how ETIM operates in the channel:

IDEA established a partnership with ETIM in 2012 to align the UNSPSC-based Electrical Attribute Schema, which is managed by IDEA and used in the US and Canada, with the European Technical Information Model (ETIM), which is managed by ETIM International and used in Europe. The IDEA Industry Standards Committee (ISC) is developing a cross-reference between the Electrical Attribute Schema and its international counterpart, and will release it as a resource to the industry in Q2 of 2014. 

The alignment of IDEA and ETIM’s eBusiness and data standards will enable manufacturers to send one set of product information to all their US, Canadian and European-based distributors, and will result in a more efficient global business process for all.

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