March 2, 2011

EW Examines How Distributors are “Minding the Storefront” Online

The February cover story of Electrical Wholesaling examines how well distributors are leveraging web-based ordering and managing their online presence. Challenges and complexities are discussed by industry technology experts including commentary from our very own Mike Wentz.

“Storefronts in the late ‘90s had strong bad-end systems, but they were seen as just extensions of those back-end systems. They were severely limited in their user interfaces and not designed around the way a customer might use it or want to interact.”

— Mike Wentz, IDEA

“Nearly half of all distributors support web-based ordering – a figure that is expected to grow to about three quarters of distributors by 2015.”

– Guy Blissett, IBM

“A B2B site has all the complexities of special pricing agreements that you don’t have with a B2C site, because the B2C customer is basically a cash customer.”

– Andy Berry, Infor Global Solutions

“You can go an awful long way with existing customers using traditional marketing and advertising to promote the website.”

– Jason Hatfield, Activant Solutions

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