November 17, 2011

Explore the New IDW 3.0 Interface

­ Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) customers can now explore Version 3.0 using their current username and password. The new interface helps manufacturers prioritize and track data synchronization progress, while adding visibility to their efforts. For distributors, the new interface provides convenient manufacturer-load summaries and helps track the data synchronization process. ­

“The dashboard changes the whole experience – it drives focus to where our data needs it most. The Catalog page also serves as a powerful visual. I can use screenshots in presentations to help marketing and other internal teams understand the IDW and realize its importance so that they are motivated to assist.” – Tom Cull, Hubbell

“Seeing manufacturer load activity in a concise manner beats reading load summary messages, hands down. This will make it much easier for me to stay abreast of what’s new in the IDW.” – Bill Fugate, Kendall Electric

What’s New in Version 3.0:



(click image for full size)

(click image for full size)

  • Dashboard Homepage: Both manufacturers and distributors will view a new page upon login. The manufacturer dashboard measures the completeness and quality of their IDW product data so they can easily track and report on progress. The distributor dashboard summarizes recent data loads from manufacturers as well as extraction activity.
    • Manufacturer Dashboard (click image for full size)
    • Distributor Dashboard (click image for full size)­
  • Layout & Navigation: Instead of a long sidebar of links, tasks have been organized into two categories: ­Basic (tasks and features used frequently by most users e.g. product details and data requests) and Advanced­ (tasks and features used for set-up or by a select group of users e.g. company profile and authorizations).
  • Increased Visibility: The Catalog page of the Product Details screen displays product information as it would appear on a web storefront with price, images, and attributed data. In addition, each time a manufacturer adds/updates data, this will appear on the homepage dashboard of all their authorized distributors.
  • Custom Settings: In addition to global preferences, distributors can assign manufacturer-specific preferences such as:
    • Including a manufacturer’s name in the extraction file title.
    • Specifying if they will allow multiple price sheets for each manufacturer and if they want to extract data based on availability of UPC codes, price, and non-standard attributes.
  • Export to Excel and Print: This feature is now available for most reports directly from the screen you’re viewing to improve information sharing. 
  • Mobile/Tablet Optimization: View and navigate the IDW 3.0 easily on the iPhone and iPad. Support for other mobile devices is in development.

Coming Soon! Live online training and updated training materials for the IDW 3.0. The previous and new version of the IDW will be available for you to use during this transition period with no interruptions. Your changes will be saved regardless of which interface you choose to use.

Please contact your Account Manager with any questions. Enjoy!

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