January 5, 2012

Final Segment of the “Catapulting the Curve” Podcast Series

In this segment, Larry Stern and Del Nickel conclude their discussion about the progress of eCommerce in the electrical industry from a senior executive’s perspective. They share their one wish related to IDEA’s mission of cutting costs from the channel and touch on why they volunteer their time on the IDEA Board.

“This industry has grown up a combination of employee-owned, large scale corporations, public and internationally-owned organizations, and the majority of electrical distributors are still independent, entrepreneurial owners and organizations who are working every day to support employees, grow business, provide return and improve productivity. If they don’t think that in today’s world you have to be eCommerce and B2B literate, they are missing a really critical competitive issue. There are highly-capitalized, worldwide players with names such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Grainger and others who have scale, capital and resources and the internal wherewithal to launch effective, B2B sites and they’ll make those investments internally.”

— Del Nickel, past president, Pentair Technical Products

“We believe in this personally for our own businesses; it’s something very important that helps drive our business and we have the desire and passion to want the industry to promote it also. Personally, you get back what you put in; I just enjoy being part of the process and seeing the movement in the industry, because I believe it is the right direction and the right thing to do.”

– Larry Stern, president, Standard Electric Supply

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