August 25, 2011

Follow IDEA on Twitter

IDEA is now tweeting to provide up-to-date news and education for our customers, partners, media, and others in the electrical supply chain. Through our Twitter page, we’ll announce product updates and special Twitter promotions, share eBusiness educational tools and tips, gather the latest industry and technology news, and much more!

During the 2011 E-Biz Forum, Twitter will be integrated into the event so you’ll be able to interact with speakers, find out what’s happening at other sessions, and network with other attendees. Mention IDEA @IDEAeSolutions and use the hashtag #ebizforum to get involved or share your opinions about the event.

Our Twitter page is a channel through which you can reach us whenever and wherever you want so we hope you’ll join the conversation! Give us feedback about our products and services, ask questions about the Forum, or just drop by to say “Hi!”

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