August 4, 2010

Follow NAED’s President – He’s Blogging!

Tom Naber, NAED President & CEO, is sharing his insights about popular industry topics in the NAED President’s blog. His first few posts have covered topics such as how to implement an effective internal education program and ways to practice caution when buying from unfamiliar resellers.

This new blog gives you the opportunity to share your insights directly with Tom and bring additional value to the conversations he starts. You can check back monthly to hear more or subscribe to the RSS feed so you don’t miss a post.

Here are some excerpts from his posts:

Online learning of an EPEC proportion
From high schools to all levels of college, online courses are becoming widely available. Besides the availability of college courses one can take online, there are also a growing number of universities that are solely based in the online world. As people grow more and more accustom to the e-lifestyle, NAED wants to make sure we are keeping up with this type of learning. Read more>

You Make a Difference
A couple of weeks ago I had a member contact me about an unfortunate situation they experienced with a reseller. They ordered copper wire and pre-paid cash-in-advance, only to receive a small portion of the order. The reseller has since provided numerous excuses about continuing delays and still has not provided a resolution. Read more>

Read all of his blog posts. You can also subscribe via RSS to follow Tom.

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