November 3, 2011

Forum Breakout Sessions on YouTube

In addition to videos of the 2011 E-Biz Forum general sessions, videos are now a­vailable for several breakout sessions. Save the date for the 2012 Forum so that you can maximize our Forum resources — September 25-27 in Dallas, TX!

Videos recently added to IDEA’s YouTube Channel:

Day 1 – Tuesday, September 27­

  • The Evolution of the Industry’s First Data Management Platform (DMP) – Melissa Longnecker, IDEA Watch Now
  • iConex: IDEA’s New Touchless Order System – Brent Halverson, EC Markets; Mike Wentz, IDEA; James Wilkinson, McNaughton-McKay Electric Co. Watch Part 1­Watch Part 2
  • A Practical Guide to Data Syndication in the BIM Environment – Marty Brett, Wheatland Tube; Angela Baraks, DATAgility Watch Preview
  • Utilizing Mobile Technologies to Become More Effective – Rick Sundahl, Grey Wolf Systems Watch Now
  • Global Distribution: Top Trends and Priorities – Steve Bieszczat, Epicor Watch Now
  • Digital Marketing Strategy – Ride the Groundswell or Crash and Burn? – Sonia Coleman, Coleman Unlimited; Amanda Johnson, IDEA Watch Now
  • Industry Data Exchange (IDX) User Group – Barbara Prince, IDEA Watch Preview
  • Achieving Smarter Commerce through Optimized Buy and Sell Processes – Scott Lewis, IBM Wat­ch Preview
  • Seize the Opportunity with the Industry’s Electrical Attribute Schema and eCommerce Standards – Mary Shaw, IDEA Watch Now
  • Lean Distribution: A Change in Thinking; Lean Forever – Howard Coleman, MCA Associates Watch Preview
  • Attack Data Quality Issues with the B2B Partnership Rating Program (PRP) – Mary Shaw, IDEA; Denise Keating, DATAgility Watch Preview

Day 2 – Wednesday, September 28­­

  • Greening the Business Process – Steve Hatajlo, Faxinating Solutions Watch Preview 1­Watch Preview 2
  • The Progress of eCommerce in the Electrical Industry – Milos Jancik, M. Jancik Consulting Watch Now
  • Competing on the Web in the Electrical Industry – Mark Keenan, Technicon Watch Now
  • Drive Your Mobile CRM with IDW Data – Joe Raventos, Sales Management Plus Watch Now

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