September 13, 2013

General/Customer Service

“IDEA has excellent customer service, and they’re very good at helping anyone I refer to them in a timely manner. Once affiliates are set up with EDI, the customer service continues to be great. I know that I can recommend them with confidence.” — Susan Hilberts, Affiliated Distributors

“For Kirby Risk, eCommerce is a high priority. We’re always looking for the best solutions out there and IDEA has risen to the top on many occasions. Through the implementation of IDEA’s B2B eCommerce and Synchronization solutions, Kirby Risk is seeing a reduction in error through a more streamlined process. We are definitely seeing more business efficiencies internally as well as in working with manufacturers.” — Marilee Anderson, Kirby Risk

“IDEA gets it. They are part of the electrical industry so they understand the concerns and are able to analyze our data to come up with ways to optimize our performance. I was impressed with the team that implemented our conversion to IDEA solutions. The process was laid out step-by-step for us so that we would know what to expect throughout the process.” — Stacie Braffet, IDEAL

“IDEA staff not only executed the project, but I felt like someone was paying attention. They didn’t just sell me a service and then walk away and hope that the conversion would go through. They were involved 100 percent, and they stayed with it until it was done. They definitely have the technical competency on hand.” — Bob Shapiro, Franklin Empire

“IDEA has truly excelled in developing data standards and a communication platform into effective tools that are being widely used in our industry both by manufacturers and distributors. I believe IDEA is the only way we can successfully remove non-electronic communication and data inefficiencies from our supply chain.” — Dave Crum, Crum Electric Supply

“Crescent and Hubbell became Charter IDEA customers when the company was introduced to the industry over 10 years ago. Phil and I recognized the need for standardized electronic processes and we knew IDEA was the answer. IDEA provides the resources and tools manufacturers and distributers need to synchronize data; it is our responsibility to utilize those resources effectively.” — Ron Schlader, Crescent Electric Supply Co.

“IDEA is a change agent and catalyst to the future. The success or failure of IDEA is a barometer of our industry’s ability to evolve and adapt to a new era of electronic commerce. IDEA’s mission encompasses two of my passions: business processes improvement and technology utilization. It began building the foundation for future eCommerce through development of EDI standards, Internet commerce transactions, crossing over the dot-bomb era, and enabling online self-service options to data synchronization through the first Industry Data Warehouse (IDW).” — Phil Barrios, Hubbell Incorporated

“Each supplier has unique needs and our company does not have the capacity to collect the requested information and send it in the preferred format each time we want to conduct eCommerce with a trading partner. IDEA is the perfect middleman for us. They find out what the suppliers need and make eCommerce happen.” — Roger Cleary, Davis Electrical Supply

“IDEA was an extremely effective liaison to our suppliers. They worked with me day-to-day and were able to facilitate the process of establishing a mutually beneficial electronic relationship with our trading partners.” — Andy MacVie, Quermback Electric

“IDEA offers top-notch support and a solid suite of services. The expertise of the IDEA staff and their willingness to listen to users and work through problems is an essential resource for Leviton. The opportunities IDEA provides for customers to collaborate make it well worth the investment.” — Mark Richards, Leviton Manufacturing

“eCommerce is a growing and increasingly crucial way for how Philips conducts business and answers buyers’ needs 24/7. Philips Lighting is proud to have achieved IDEA’s demanding standards and gain the acknowledgment which further validates our customers’ buying decisions.” — Steve Goldmacher, Philips Lighting Company

“IDEA conducted a thorough analysis of our data foundation. They listened attentively to our biggest concerns to help prioritize our top three goals and provided multiple recommendations to ensure success. Price and data synchronization with our trading partners is essential to reduce transaction cost, and I believe future data match and sync audits will be important to accomplishing our goals.” — Chris Carter, North Coast Electric