June 9, 2010

Get Your Products on Retailers’ Shelves with IDEA’s Data Management Service

Have you been tasked to manage the data synchronization process for your company? Are the pressures of demand partner requirements and deadlines keeping you up at night? Many manufacturers and suppliers depend on IDEA’s data sync experts to get their products on the shelves of top retailers like Walmart and Lowe’s. Get the steps in the process and hear what two hardline suppliers are saying.

IDEA’s Data Management Service (DMS) is a professional solution provided exclusively to IRD CERICOMX® users. It gives suppliers that are requested to comply with GDSN® standards and/or demand-side mandates, the option to outsource the data synchronization process to IDEA – giving them more time to focus on what they do best. IDEA manages the product catalogs and notifies the supplier on the status of the items including when they are published and synchronized with demand-side partners like Lowe’s, Walmart and McLane. What suppliers are saying:

  • “IDEA has proven to be a valuable partner for W. W. Henry through their Data Management Service. The response time from the IDEA support team exceeded my expectations and the quality of their work is second to none. They are always willing and able to answer all of my data synchronization questions – even when they’re out of scope. I’m completely confident in the service they provide which allows me to focus on other priorities,” said James Masterson, Director of Operations, W.W. Henry Company.
  • “For MAPEI, the IDEA Data Management Service has provided the data synchronization infrastructure that we needed. Their customer service is outstanding. The IDEA support team is very responsive which makes the data synchronization process so much easier,” said Will Wooten, National Account Manager, MAPEI.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Suppliers provide IDEA with the required product information such as the GTIN, UPC, Item Name, etc.
  2. IDEA uploads the data in the proper format and manages the entire data synchronization process through IRD CERICOMX® which includes: compiling data, finding proper codes, validating data against GDSN® rules, publishing and sorting through retailer messages, etc.
  3. IDEA notifies the supplier on the status of the items including when they are successfully published and synchronized.
  4. IDEA will keep the supplier’s product catalogs up-to-date based on item modifications and additions that are provided.

Download the Data Management Service datasheet to learn more.