August 29, 2007

GS1 Canada and 1SYNC Enter a Strategic Alliance

GS1 Canada and 1SYNC today announced their decision to

enter a strategic alliance to accelerate the adoption of the Global Data Synchronization

Network (GDSN) across North America. This alliance will drive the North American

GDSN adoption for sectors such as Hardlines, Mass Merchandise, Electronics, and Office

Products by utilizing the 1SYNC Data Pool Solution.

This strategic alliance will help maximize the value of data synchronization for trading

partners. Canadian suppliers, who need to synchronize data with U.S.-based retailers

immediately, will be able to use the 1SYNC Data Pool platform. This collaboration will

also help promote continued North American data synchronization implementation and

leverage the GS1 Canada offerings to the U.S. market.

Commenting on this strategic alliance, Ron Gilbert, Director of Merchandising Systems,

Wal-Mart, U.S. said, “We are delighted with this announcement. This alliance is a win-win situation for all concerned as we will be able to synchronize with our Canadian suppliers through the GDSN and, ultimately, improve trading partner relationships and lower trading partner costs.”

GS1 Canada will continue to provide data synchronization solutions using ECCnet

Registry, Canada’s national product registry, for over 3,000 companies in the Grocery,

Foodservice, and Pharmacy sectors. As part of this alliance, GS1 Canada is expanding its implementation services to its user community.

“Our objective with this strategic alliance is to help our customers maximize the value of

their data synchronization investments and to provide them with excellent service. North

American companies will now have a clear path for all their synchronization requirements, enabled through the 1SYNC Data Pool platform. This collaborative approach will not be hindered by the U.S. – Canada border,” said Arthur Smith, CEO, GS1 Canada.

Commenting on this strategic alliance, Bob Noe, CEO, 1SYNC said, “Our aim with this

alliance is to accelerate and promote the adoption of the GDSN across North America.

This collaboration between GS1 Canada and 1SYNC strengthens our ability to maximize

the value of data synchronization for trading partners by allowing for the seamless exchange of supply chain data across North America.”