August 29, 2007

GS1 System: More than a Number-More than a Bar Code. An Entire System

With more than one million companies doing business in more than 145 countries worldwide, the GS1 System enables one global language of business.

The GS1 System is a suite of standards that makes a company’s supply chain more efficient and responsive to customers in any industry. The standards enable a company to efficiently share business information with trading partners and to improve internal business processes; driving cost savings and increased productivity for businesses.

The GS1 System includes:

• Identification numbers, which are globally unique numbers and supplementary data elements. The identification numbers identify products, service locations, logistics units, assets and service relationships. More than 90 supplementary data elements are standardized including lot numbers, serial numbers, and best-before-dates.

• Data Carriers, which are GS1 approved bar code symbols and Electronic Product Code (EPC) compliant RFID tags. Data carriers are machine readable, which provides a fast and accurate method of entering identification numbers and data elements into computer systems.

• Electronic commerce transactions, which enable trading partners to communicate business information in a standardized format using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or Business Message Standards using Extensible Markup Language (XML)

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