June 4, 2021

How to Improve the SEO of Your eCommerce Website with IDEA Connector

IDEA Connector features an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) field called “Seller Defined Keywords” This field allows the manufacturer to load in words or phrases, separated by commas, that can be used in search engines when conducting an online search for their products. To utilize this field appropriately manufacturers should choose words and phrases that they feel are specific and most important to when customers are trying to find their items.

Loading keywords relevant to your products will ensure that distributors improve the SEO of their eCommerce websites, therefore increasing the visibility of manufacturer’s products. This provides yet  another tool for distributors to use on their websites, garnering attention and attracting prospective and existing customers. These keywords can also be used as identifiers to products in a manufacturer’s catalog in the likely event that someone does not know the catalog number or where to find a specific product.

An example of this would be a manufacturer that specializes in LED lighting provides top ranking keyword/phrases for a specific product such as “LED”, “Motion”, “Motion Detecting”, “Flexible LED Lights”, or “Motion Detecting LED Lights” for the Seller Defined Keyword field. If a distributor adds these keywords/phrases to that specific product on their eCommerce website, anyone that searches these keywords or phrases will have a higher chance in being directed to your product as well your sites ranking.

Once loaded, these Seller Defined Keywords are available to be extracted via XML, Flat File, or via a custom extract using our Extractor Tool.

What are you waiting for? Start loading them now! This text type field is just one of the over 100+ available asset fields that IDEA Connector has to offer!

If you have questions on how to use the Seller Defined Keywords field or any other features and/or fields in IDEA Connector contact the Client Solutions Team at ideaclientsolutions@idea4industry.com or call 866-479-0484.