November 3, 2011

IDEA and ElectricSmarts Network Finalize Partnership

Earlier this year, IDEA announced that we were working with ­ElectricSmarts on a strategic partnership which would help fully synchronize the electrical channel including manufacturers, distributors and end-users. Good news – the partnership has been finalized, and IDW users will be reaping the benefits soon.

How this will affect you:

  • End-users will have ac­cess to IDEA’s manufacturer-authorized Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), a product catalog to use for specifying, bidding, online ordering from their distributors, etc.
  • Distributors with IDW subscriptions will have access to ElectricSmarts’ Smart eCat web-based eCatalog to use on their websites and will enjoy enhanced coverage at no cost.
  • Manufacturers will increase their return from synchronizing product information via IDW because the information they authorize will be used and available in more places. Reaching end-users and specifiers helps promote manufacturer products to be included in more jobs.

Through the IDEA / ElectricSmarts partnership, ElectricSmarts will be the exclusive value-added supplier of IDEA data to the contractor/end-user market. ElectricSmarts will begin to:

  • Add IDW product information to the Smart eCat, enabling users to view a list containing the UPC, Catalog #, Description, and other valuable information for almost every item.­­ ­ ­ ­
    • Smart eCat users will be able to build project lists from a single catalog or across multiple catalogs.
  • Create groups and a variety of other methods for customers to find each manufacturer’s products. This will be supported by adding video demos, eLearning modules, configurators, MSDS sheets and other important collateral information when appropriate and available.
  • Leverage its relationship with NetPricer™ contractors, distributors and estimating software companies throughout the country to offer them the ability to import and use IDW manufacturer-authorized content to find and add products to their databases. This will increase their productivity and allow end-users and specifiers to add products well beyond the limited data that is typically seeded by the software vendor.
    • Smart eCat will work seamlessly with NetPricer™ allowing end-users to pull in their unique pricing for any material list from the distributors they do business with.

IDEA will be sending an authorization request to manufacturers in the next few weeks. Please take a minute to approve this request so that you can help close the loop in the supply chain by securely authorizing end-users to access your product information. You’ll also enable distributors to synchronize their systems with end-user demand systems and provide customer-specific pricing more efficiently than ever before.

Please email  if you have any questions about this new partnership.