July 26, 2012

IDEA Announces Bands of Excellence Manufacturers

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Platinum level companies who have also achieved 100% population.

As part of the ‘Bands of Excellence’ rating program, IDEA is recognizing the manufacturers that are providing the robust product marketing content that their distributors requested through the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). Find out which manufacturers have achieved the Platinum, Gold and Bronze level status for their product data.

“We introduced the IDW Bands of Excellence program to honor the manufacturers that are providing exceptional value and marketing support to their trading partners. Since the program began in April, the marketing content in the IDW has more than tripled. We are excited for the new opportunities that will open for all companies involved in this effort,” said Steve Sokolow, IDEA Chairman, and Chairman of the Board, Leviton.

The ‘Bands of Excellence’ rating system measures each manufacturer’s completion percentage for providing robust marketing content to their trading partners through the IDW. The product marketing content for Specification documents, Attributes, Images, and Descriptions all had to be populated with data. The banding criterion is as follows:

  1. Platinum band: the most elite group of manufacturer leaders that have provided the marketing content for 75-100% of their stock products
  2. Gold band: manufacturers that have provided the marketing content for 50-74% of their stock products
  3. Bronze band: manufacturers that have provided the marketing content for 10-49% of their stock products

The Platinum manufacturers are: Allied Moulded Products Inc.; Bridgeport Fittings Inc.; Burndy; CABLOFIL Inc.; **Columbia Lighting; Cooper Crouse-Hinds; Cooper Lighting; Cooper Lighting Canada; Dual-Lite; EiKO, Ltd.; **Electri-Flex; **Hubbell Lighting; Hubbell Power Systems; **ILSCO; Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc.; OSRAM SYLVANIA; Pentair Technical Products; Progress Lighting; RAB Lighting, Inc.; RACO; Southwire Company; Specified Technologies, Inc.; and The Wiremold Company.

“These companies have taken a leadership role, and it is appropriate that they be recognized. I’ve been extremely impressed with the way most manufacturers are stepping up to the plate. These, in addition to the Gold and Bronze-banded manufacturers, and some of the un-banded group, are working exceptionally hard to accommodate their distributors. They’ve heard the message,” said Bob Gaylord, President and CEO, IDEA.

View all banded manufacturers and learn more about this program. This list will be continually updated as progress is made by the manufacturers.

**Companies that have provided robust marketing content for 100% of their product­s in the IDW.