January 30, 2019

IDEA Announces Deployment of New ETIM Fields

IDEA deploys capability to fully accommodate ETIM v7.0 data, as announced in the Standards release of Fall 2018.




MEDIA CONTACT: Reina Munsch, 703-562-4681


Arlington, VA— IDEA is pleased to announce that its data synchronization platform can now fully support the exchange of all ETIM version 7.0 data, including ETIM Class, Features, and Values, as was announced in the Fall 2018 Standards release.  These ETIM fields will also be included in the new IDEA Connector℠ platform once released.

Similar to the template used for loading/extracting attributes based on the IDEA Classification Attribute Standard, IDEA developed the new capability specifically to load/extract the full set of attributed data based on the ETIM standard.

Contact IDEA’s Client Solutions team with any loading/extracting questions. Client Solutions can be reached at  ideaclientsolutions@idea4industry.com or at 866-479-0484.

Contact Mary Shaw, Director, International Standardization, with any questions on the ETIM standard. Mary can be reached at mshaw@idea4industry.com or 703-562-4610.


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