June 4, 2008

IDEA announces new Directors and Officers for 2008- 2009

Arlington, VA– June 3, 2008 – IDEA, an industry owned eCommerce service provider, today announced its new Officers and Directors for 2008-2009.

The IDEA Board of Directors elected David J. FitzGibbon, President and CEO of ILSCO Corporation in Cincinnati, OH, as the IDEA Chairman of the Board for 2008-2009. FitzGibbon served as the IDEA Vice-Chairman from 2007-2008. He is also a member of the NEMA Board of Governors, NEMA Executive Committee and NAED Associates Advisory Council.

“I am excited and optimistic for the 2008-2009 year. I will ensure IDEA stays on the fast track to achieve data synchronization and better trading partner relationships in the channel,” said FitzGibbon.

Outgoing IDEA Chairman, Todd Kumm, CEO, Dakota Supply Group, served this position from 2007-2008. Kumm has served on the IDEA Board since 1999 and he will remain on the 2008-2009 Board as a voting director. He is also a member of the NAED Board of Directors.

“It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve as the IDEA Chairman after actively participating on the Board for eight preceding years. 2007-2008 was a year of great change and accomplishment. IDEA made important strides toward the vision of data synchronization,” said Kumm. “It was a privilege to work with such a dedicated and supportive Board and I look forward to continuing our journey together in 2008-2009 to achieve data sync.”

“IDEA received great momentum from the 2007-2008 Board and I am confident that momentum will only increase this year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our past and present Board members for their service. This year we will celebrate a significant milestone, IDEA’s 10 Year Anniversary, thanks to your leadership,” said Bob Gaylord, President and CEO, IDEA.

The 2008-2009 IDEA Officers:

David J. FitzGibbon, IDEA Chairman – President and CEO, ILSCO Corporation

Ron Schlader, IDEA Vice Chairman – VP Operations and Quality, Crescent Electric Supply

Larry Stern, IDEA Treasurer – President and CEO, Standard Electric Supply (WI)

Del Nickel, IDEA Secretary – President and CEO, Hoffman Enclosures

Robert Gaylord, IDEA President – President and CEO, IDEA

The 2008-2009 IDEA Board of Directors are:

Phil Barrios, Corporate Director eBusiness, Hubbell, Inc.

David J. FitzGibbon, President and CEO, ILSCO Corporation

Valerie Jones, Manager National Customer Service Center, OSRAM SYLVANIA

Todd Kumm, CEO, Dakota Supply Group

Del Nickel, President and CEO, Hoffman Enclosures

Ron Schlader, VP Operations and Quality, Crescent Electric Supply

Larry Stern, President and CEO, Standard Electric Supply (WI)

James Tinker, Manager, Master File Maintenance Officer, Rexel, Inc.

Joe Wallace, Pricing Manager, Van Meter Industrial

Bernie Westapher, Group VP Marketing and Sales, Panduit Corporation

The 2008-2009 Non-voting Directors:

Tom Naber, President, National Association of Electrical Distributors

Evan Gaddis, President, National Electrical Manufacturers Association

Robert Gaylord, President and CEO, IDEA

About IDEA

IDEA (www.idea-esolutions.com) is the only standard-setting organization offering a full range of eCommerce products and services designed to drive supply network efficiencies, reduce costs, slash cycle times, and ensure standardized, timely, and accurate data. IDEA provides Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), a database of product, pricing, and marketing data; Industry Data Exchange (IDX), a centralized and standardized document exchange solution; Industry Retail Database (IRD) a central repository of manufacturer retail product data powered by CERICOMX® which helps users meet retailer mandates and consumer packaged goods (CPG) and GS1 US requirements; and the Data Audit and Certification (DAC) Program which assures the accuracy and completeness of the manufacturer data found in IDW.