October 29, 2015

IDEA Announces Official Membership to ETIM International

Joins as representative for North America; Will develop an adaptation of model for North American market in support of IDEA customers who require ETIM standard

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ARLINGTON, VA – The Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA – www.idea4industry.com) announces its membership to ETIM International (www.etim-international.com), the international standardization organization responsible for managing the European Technical Information Model (ETIM) standard.

Representing North America (the United States and Canada), IDEA becomes the first non-European member of ETIM International. As a member, IDEA will support its customers who require ETIM – the European equivalent to the UNSPSC®-based Electrical Attribute Schema – and will create an adaptation of the ETIM model geared toward the needs of the North American market.

“With rising frequency, our customers are working across borders, and we recognize that global business requires more flexibility,” said Paul Molitor, President & CEO, IDEA. “To meet this need, IDEA will continue to own and support the Electrical Attribute Schema for our domestic customers while simultaneously supporting the European model for our global customers.”

IDEA originally led the development of the UNSPSC®-based Schema to give electrical manufacturers a guide for providing descriptive marketing content to their trading partners throughout the US and Canada.

In 2012, IDEA partnered with ETIM International in an effort to align the Schema with ETIM and make it easier for manufacturers to share their marketing content with their US, Canadian, and European-based distributors at the same time.

In support of the standard, Mike Wentz, IDEA’s Executive Vice President, will join the ETIM board (General Assembly). Mary Shaw, IDEA’s Director of eBusiness Standards, will develop and manage an ETIM committee, made up of manufacturers and distributors with a global presence, to assist in the development of the North American adaptation of ETIM. The adaptation will include translation, metric/imperial measurements, regulatory requirements, etc.

“The growing partnership between ETIM International and IDEA will provide a North American voice in the ongoing development of ETIM,” said Franz Ernst, President, ETIM International. “This alignment will help make international business in the electrical industry more efficient while also allowing ETIM International to better understand the needs of the North American market.”


IDEA Contact: Mary Shaw
Phone: (703) 562-4610
Email: mshaw@idea4industry.com

ETIM International Contact: Franz Ernst
Phone: +49 (0)511-6 46 88-102
Email: franz.ernst@etim-international.com


About IDEA: The Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA) is the official technology service provider and eBusiness standards body of the electrical industry. The company helps thousands of manufacturers and distributors find the most cost-effective methods for running day-to-day business. IDEA’s applications help connect the supply chain and make business processes efficient, easy and enjoyable for people every day. IDEA was founded in 1998 through a partnership rooted in the collective leadership of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) members. Their applications also bring value to vertical markets such as industrial, retail, and consumer-packaged goods. IDEA is headquartered in Arlington, VA (idea4industry.com).  

About ETIM International: The association ETIM International is a partnership of national ETIM organizations and has its official seat in Brussels. ETIM International is founded to join forces in the development, maintenance, publishing and promotion of one European Technical Information Model (ETIM) for the classification of technical products. The power of ETIM is the collective; independent and sector wide organizing is the only way to success. The focus of ETIM International for the presence lies on the classification of electro technical products, HVAC, Sanitary and the building sector, but the association is open for entry of other related industry sectors. Current member countries are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States and Canada (www.etim-international.com).