August 21, 2019

IDEA Announces Platform Extension – IDEA Fusion℠

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IDEA’s latest platform extension, IDEA Fusion℠, enables manufacturers and distributors to quickly and easily review, input, modify, and share product and pricing information.

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Arlington, VA – The Industry Data Exchange Association (IDEA) is unveiling IDEA Fusion℠. Populated with manufacturers and distributors authorized product and pricing data, IDEA Fusion℠ is a client specific SQL database which has a direct connection to the IDEA IDW / IDEA Connector℠. This information can integrate with other sources in order to provide a centralized data repository of product attribution and pricing. This new platform enables users to efficiently control their authorized product and pricing information management.

IDEA Fusion℠ provides a local copy of a client’s IDEA Connector℠ data, enabling users to review, input, modify and share product attributes, authorizations and pricing information from one central source. There are a multitude of options when working with this data via SQL including automatically populating external eCommerce web sites, dynamic generation of marketing materials, gathering analytics on pricing and product information and creating Excel spreadsheets with consistent product information. Working with information validated against industry standards via IDEA Connector℠ increases confidence in item information and reduces errors in the process.

“IDEA Fusion℠ is a game changer for both manufacturers and distributors. For the first time in IDEA’s history, our manufacturers and distributors can review, extend and work with their IDEA data within their own environment. We are already seeing tremendous business process improvement with  IDEA Fusion℠ – one of our distributors shared they can now process the complete data set from all of their manufacturers into their ERP in a few hours, where previously their XML to ERP ingestion of data for one supplier would take an entire weekend,” said Bill Ferguson, IDEA’s Vice President of Products and Services.

Join our webinar on Wednesday, August 28th at 11am introducing IDEA Fusion℠, where you can get an inside look at the new platform and learn about all it has to offer. Use this link to sign up:


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