October 24, 2007

IDEA Completes 1SYNC Data Pool Conversion: New IRD Enhancements Now Available

IDEA successfully completed a 1SYNC Data Pool Conversion with all Industry Retail Database (IRD) suppliers. This conversion was necessary because the two data pools that formed 1SYNC, UCCnet and Transora, recently combined forces to form a single 1SYNC Data Pool to benefit suppliers and retailers.


As a precursor to this conversion, IDEA made it a priority to complete process changes and additional enhancements to IRD. These recently implemented changes are defined in the Version 6.2 of the CERICOMX® catalog. The most significant changes rolled out in the new version are the automated publication process and work list email prompt.


With the new publication process, suppliers will continue to send an Initial Load Publication to their retailers, but after this data is sent, suppliers can now update the data via Excel, a web entry or other machine to machine methods. Once changes have been made to the previously submitted data, the Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN) re-registers and is automatically resent to retailers. This new automated process saves suppliers time from manually sending multiple notifications to retailers.


Furthermore, suppliers can now activate a work list preference to receive email notifications when responses are received from retailers. This new feature eliminates the need for suppliers to continually check the work list screen. Some other noteworthy enhancements include:


Group re-publishing capabilities

  • Quicker turnaround time
  • Flexible report options
  • Web entry clone capability


“As with any project with the enormity of this conversion, especially in view of the diversity of participants, there are oftentimes issues revealed to us that we discuss for enhancements in future roll-outs. To respond to our suppliers, we will continue to develop new tools to increase efficiencies between trading partners in the retail industry,” said Tony Gaffney, IRD Product & Customer Support Manager, IDEA.


If you would like to learn more about the recent data pool conversion and the new IRD enhancements, you may attend the IRD weekly training sessions held every Wednesday at 2:00PM. Contact Tony Gaffney at (508) 386-0261 or John Etrie at (703) 562-4624 for details.


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