December 12, 2007

IDEA Completes IDW Upgrade: Inbound Mapper and Additional EZView Fields Now Available

IDEA’s Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) was upgraded on December 9, 2007. This upgrade includes the release of the EZView Version 2.4.1, an expanded Flat File format, and the Inbound Mapper, a tool that creates customized maps to match the supplier’s data format to the standardized IDW format, ensuring a more efficient data import.

The EZView Version 2.4.1 includes new data fields such as the package level Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN) for up to three levels, RoHs compliancy indicators and additional enriched data fields such as video clips.

Some of the EZView GTIN packaging fields include: weight and dimensions, package description, package values and consumer and orderable unit flags to indicate the package level hierarchy. The unit flags make it easy to discern which package levels are intended for order purchasing and ultimate consumption.

In the past, these new EZView fields could only be populated by manufacturers sending data via electronic data interchange (EDI). The release of EZView Version 2.4.1 enables manufacturers sending data in other formats to populate these critical fields in the IDW as well. IDEA’s Data Content team will contact each supplier directly to notify them of this upgrade and to request that they add these fields to their IDW data.

Distributors who are subscribed to the IDW Extended Service may now download these additional data fields in custom outbound formats. To upgrade your IDW subscripition to the Extended Service or to begin supplying data for these new fields, contact your IDEA Account Manager.

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