March 27, 2019

IDEA Connector℠ Messaging System – Send messages to your trading partners

Did you know that IDEA Connector℠ has a messaging system that allows you to send a message blast to your trading partners? If you are a manufacturer, you can communicate things such as upcoming price changes, holiday closures, product updates, name changes and so on to your distributor customers.

Distributors, you can send messages to your manufacturers requesting they load needed fields and other required data.

This messaging system allows you to direct your communication to all your partners at once. Or you can select a specific partner or partners. Who receives your messages? Any contact who has a ‘Userid’ created in the IDEA Connector℠ and has the appropriate boxes check in the ‘Receive messages via E-mail’ section.

Please note that any manufacturer without an IDEA Connector℠ Subscription does not have access to this message system.  But our IDEA Client Solutions Support Team can send a message on your behalf with the approval of paid support time.

Contact the IDEA Client Solutions Support Team at or at 1-866-479-0484