November 1, 2019

IDEA Connector℠ Adds 360-Degree Imagery Capabilities

As you know, IDEA Connector provides manufacturers and distributors with the tools they need to effectively manage daily operations. Now the IDEA Connector can host and publish 360-degree product images powered by Snap36 with its new Digital Asset Management capabilities. Adding rich media content will allow you to improve optimization of your product pages which is crucial to engaging customers and triggering sales.

360-Degree Image Capture Process

Snap36 uses sophisticated, automated, 360-degree photography equipment to capture 24, 48, 72, or 96 images of a product from all angles. The output of this process is a sequence of still images, usually high-resolution JPGs, that can be used individually in addition to the spin experience you see online. The sequence of pictures is stitched together to create a fluid and seamless 360° view of a product, like a flipbook.

By photographing 24 to 96 images, you also procure a content repository of individual assets that can be used for a myriad of needs, including in-store displays, email campaigns, e-commerce websites and mobile applications, without having to reshoot individual products. This virtual inventory of product images is consistent, comprehensive, and reusable – you maintain ownership of all of the assets.

Benefits of Showcasing a 360-Degree Spin 

In a recent Forrester report, 60% of consumers said they prefer not to interact with a sales representative as the primary source of information. 75% of consumers listed the quality of product images as the most important feature when shopping online.

In order to meet new expectations from B2B buyers, especially as purchases continue to increase on mobile, manufacturers and distributors need the ability to showcase authentic and interactive product experiences during online interactions. Three or four images is not enough anymore. People want to mimic the offline experience – what was typically an ‘in-store’ or sales rep interaction – with the online experience. Specifically due to the nature of small-sized products many manufacturers make, like connectors and sensors, customers want to be able to zoom in and check out all sides of an item to make sure what they’re ordering is the product they need for a design or repair, and that it’s also what shows up in the box.

We’ve helped several IDEA users deploy 360-degree product content, such as 3M, Schneider ElectricKlein Tools, and Siemens just to name a few. Klein Tools has seen a 23% percent increase in sales, and an 18% decrease in return rates since implementing 360-degree content on Since 2014, 3M has partnered with Snap36 to create 360° product content for more than 15,000 products and recently stated that it has been its most valuable and high-performing asset.

360-Degree Capability on the IDEA Connector Platform

The services and equipment provided by Snap36 will help IDEA’s distributors and manufacturers achieve the quality and quantity of product images their customers desire when discovering, researching, and purchasing products online. The flexible, cost-effective, scalable service offered by Snap36 is important for distributors to consider when embarking on eCommerce, customer experience, or mobile optimization projects. As e-commerce continues to grow, we want to give our customers the ability to develop and display the best 360° digital content possible and look forward to working with Snap36 on the continued development of 360° and 3D content standards for the industry.

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