July 20, 2018

IDEA Data Enrichment Statement

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Arlington, VA—IDEA announces its intent to enrich product data that will supplement manufacturer provided product information. The following are aspects of the planned data enrichment program:

Enriched Product Information

Manufacturer data, such as safety and certification information, product attributes, images, videos, and descriptions will be sourced if available from manufacturer websites. IDEA data enrichment will also include a rule-based normalization of product attributes such as color descriptions, units of measure, numerical values, etc.

The manufacturer supplied content will not be modified or compared in any way. Manufacturer authorizations will still apply and be enforced for all content access. This program will enrich the existing Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) content that is complementary to manufacturer supplied content.

Data Governance of Enriched Content

All IDEA enriched content will be governed by the following standards:

• Content will be marked as IDEA sourced at the field level
• Content will only be available to manufacturer authorized distributors
• Content will be returned to the manufacturer for review and inclusion in future data loads
• Content will only be supplemental to manufacturer data and will not replace it

IDEA will prioritize products for data enrichment that have been reported by IDW users as being insufficient or incorrect. Data quality metrics will be applied to all manufacturer sourced content to provide complete and consistent data quality standards.

“IDEA-enriched data subscribers and affiliates will benefit from an accurate and more complete set of product information. The IDW will continue to provide all transactional data and base level catalog content as before. For nearly two decades, IDEA has proven to be the most trusted industry data source for facilitating commerce and efficiently delivering an average of 300,000 manufacturer product changes per week to our subscribers.” said Mike Wentz, Executive Vice President of IDEA.

The new data enhancement program will be an optional service and will require a new service level subscription beginning in early 2019.