April 1, 2015

IDEA Dictionary: What is Compliance?

When dealing with data, and all related terminology, you may feel like you’re trying to speak a foreign language. In the interest of keeping things clear and simple, we will introduce commonly used terms in each newsletter that will help you navigate the data shorthand and learn the lingo. This week, we bring you: Compliance.

IDEA’s Data Certification Program, announced in October 2014, is an Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) initiative designed to measure the completeness and quality of data available in the IDW at the item level. The first step in a manufacturer’s progress toward Certification is achieving Compliance, which measures a manufacturer account’s overall population of all applicable critical fields for its eligible items in the IDW.

The critical fields were identified through industry input and are recognized as necessary by distributors to conduct business and sell manufacturers’ products. These fields contain transactional, pricing, packaging, and web store product data and must be completely populated in order for an item to be considered compliant.    

Compliance is referred to in terms of a percentage and is measured at the item level. For example, if 600 out of 6,000 eligible SKUs in a manufacturer’s account are completely populated and considered compliant, that manufacturer account will have achieved 10% Compliance. Once 95% or more of an account’s eligible items are compliant, that account will be recognized for Compliance.

To help manufacturers in the process of achieving Compliance, IDEA recently developed and released the IDW Compliance Module, which enables manufacturers to identify which of their items in the IDW are missing critical field data.

Above: An example Executive Summary page in the IDW Compliance Module 

From one central location, manufacturers can drill down into each of their eligible items, gaining more detailed insight that will help prioritize their efforts in the move toward Compliance and, ultimately, Certification.

IDW distributors also have increased visibility into their authorized manufacturers’ product lines through the new IDW Distributor Dashboard, which allows distributors to monitor their trading partners’ Compliance progress.

Manufacturers must achieve at least 95% Compliance by October 1, 2015. Currently, 137 IDW manufacturers have committed to achieving Compliance by that date.

Four committed manufacturers have already achieved 95% Compliance or higher: 

Are you committed to Compliance?

If you have any questions regarding Compliance or the Data Certification Program, or if you want to commit to achieving at least 95% Compliance by October 1, please contact your Data Management Specialist. To learn more about each step in the Certification process, check out the following resources:

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