July 2, 2008

IDEA E-Biz Forum Keynote Spotlight on Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders, international bestselling author and former Chief Solutions Officer, Yahoo!, will release his third book, Saving the World at Work, during the IDEA E-Biz Forum ’08. Don’t miss his opening keynote presentation where he will enlighten attendees with essential tips on how to promote innovation at work and give away free copies of his new book.


The premise of Sanders’ new book, Saving the World at Work, is that in the new socially conscious day and age, you can make a difference as you make a dollar. Any person, especially you, can change the world by changing the way your company does business. This book outlines the Responsibility Revolution, which is changing the business world. Consumers, talent and investors are gravitating to companies that achieve high levels of social responsibility towards people, communities and the environment. Sanders also shares personal stories on how thousands of people from the mailroom to the boardroom are innovating and helping people, communities and the planet. Topics Include: Sustainability, going green, fair trade. Find out more about Sanders’ new book at www.timsanders.com.


Sanders’ keynote presentation at the IDEA E-Biz Forum will have an empowering message: any person, regardless of rank, can help his or her company innovate for good. The key for companies to thrive during this new era of business is to innovate how it does business and achieve high levels of employee participation. Companies leading the revolution include: Google, SAS Institute, Aveda, Patagonia, Interface, General Electric and even Wal-Mart. Come find out how you can promote innovation at work to improve levels of quality throughout your organization – from product quality to social quality.


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