January 5, 2012

IDEA/ElectricSmarts Partnership FAQs

As a result of the IDEA and ElectricSmarts partnership, IDEA is now able to offer expanded services to its IDW customers. But before everyone can experience the benefits, manufacturers must approve the IDW authorization request from ElectricSmarts. Read on to find out what product data ElectricSmarts will have access to upon authorization approval and how they plan to use it to benefit your company.

Who is ElectricSmarts? ElectricSmarts (www.ElectricSmarts.com) has been a part of the electrical industry specializing in web-based marketing, eLearning, and eCommerce services for over a decade. They work with electrical contractors, specifiers, MROs, OEMs, distributors, and manufacturers throughout the industry to communicate product marketing content downstream to end-users. ElectricSmarts supports manufacturers by helping them disseminate their product sales and marketing message throughout the channel through their distributors’ websites and end-user estimating systems. They also help companies optimize their exposures when customers search using product keywords.

How does ElectricSmarts use the product data in the IDW? IDEA developed a partnership with ElectricSmarts in order to provide additional value to IDW customers and their product information synchronization efforts. Once manufacturers provide ElectricSmarts with authorization in the IDW, they use the product marketing content to populate their eCatalog, SMART eCat, which is promoted on many distributor websites, and will also include that product information in estimating systems accessed by end-users such as contractors and specifiers. As a result, a manufacturer’s product information will be available in more places and accessible by the people who place the orders. Thus, when a buyer is selecting a product, that manufacturer’s product will be more likely to be purchased for jobs.

How much access does ElectricSmarts have to the product data in the IDW? What fields will ElectricSmarts receive upon a customer approval? ElectricSmarts does not have access to any distributor-specific pricing. The only pricing they receive is T3 pricing, otherwise known as the published trade price. In addition to that, they’ll also receive basic transactional data and catalog content (only what is considered public information). Download a complete list of the product data fields that ElectricSmarts will have access to upon authorization approval.

For additional information about the IDEA and ElectricSmarts partnership or the services provided, please contact communications@idea-esolutions.com.