April 1, 2015

IDEA Industry Standards Committee Working Sessions Recap

Last week, industry members gathered at IDEA headquarters in Arlington, Virginia for the first IDEA Industry Standards Committee (ISC) working sessions of 2015. Twenty-eight manufacturers and distributors were present to learn about the recent restructuring of the committee, and to participate in subcommittee working sessions.

During the subcommittee sessions, the Product Information team reviewed requests for UNSPSC additions and established a schedule for reviewing the 1,200 planned additions to the Electrical Attribute Schema.  The B2B team began updating the 6050 version of the B-Views to accommodate the 43 Critical Fields of the Data Certification Program.  The Data Content and Quality team finalized definitions for IMAP, Representative Images, M and J life cycle codes, and C and R status codes. 

Earlier in March, it was announced that the ISC had been restructured to ensure more discipline and efficiency during the production of standards, whitepapers, guidelines, and best practices. 

Now, the ISC will be led by an IDEA-selected and equally balanced group of twelve manufacturer and distributor customers (eight from the US and four from Canada), forming the ISC Governing Body. This Governing Body will be responsible for evaluating needs and issues brought forth by the industry, and initiating development where needed. Members of the ISC Governing Body will be announced soon.

Supporting the ISC Governing Body are three subcommittees. As technical subject matter experts, members of these subcommittees are responsible for the actual development and maintenance of data governance and eCommerce standards, best practices, and guidelines for the industry.

The three subcommittees are:

  • B2B Communications: Transport format standards for the exchange of data via EDI, XML, and Flat Files.
  • Data Content and Quality: Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) Product Descriptor Database (PDD).
  • Product Information: UNSPSC categorization, Attribute Schema descriptors, and the use of the GS1 Product Identifiers (UPC/EAN/GTINs).

The new structure will allow for Standards specifications to flow seamlessly into IDEA’s IDW and Industry Data Exchange (IDX) data sets, as well as into the business operations of IDEA customers and partners. 

Within IDEA, Mary Shaw, IDEA’s Director, eBusiness Standards, now has assistance from IDEA’s newest team member, Brenda Maxwell. As Standards Development Administrator, Maxwell will be assisting with the organization and facilitation of the ISC, and working closely with committee officers and members to manage, maintain, and develop eBusiness Standards. With 17 years of experience in the electrical industry, Maxwell joins IDEA from Acuity Brands Lighting. She has been involved with Standards development for nine years, serving as the ISC Secretary for three years, and as the B2B Communications Sub-Committee Vice Chair and Chair for four years.

If you have interest in joining any of the ISC subcommittees, you may still apply here.  All members must be current IDEA-services customers.


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