April 1, 2009

IDEA Launches YouTube Channel

Most of you already experience value from standards, eCommerce and data synchronization in the electrical supply chain. IDEA makes its mark on the video world to spread the word. Visit the IDEA YouTube channel to view and comment on product videos and clips from the historical 10 year anniversary video.

Visit the IDEA YouTube Channel

How can you take advantage of this new page?

  • Save the IDEA YouTube channel to your favorites. We will continue to add video clips including memorable Forum educational sessions and insights from our president and CEO, Bob Gaylord. You can add the IDEA YouTube channel to your iGoogle page along with other web 2.0 technologies like the IDEA News RSS feed so that you will be the first to know when we post another video.
  • Forward the page to your co-workers and trading partners. The best way to gain additional value from IDEA is to spread the good news to your industry peers and superiors. The more of your trading partners who understand the value and participate in eCommerce and data sync initiatives, the more money you will save through efficiency gains.
  • Share your success stories. Take the extra step to reach out to the industry – share your personal success stories by posting comments to our YouTube channel and videos.
  • Make suggestions for our next video. As IDEA continually builds upon our YouTube channel, we welcome your suggestions for new video posts and topics. Visit www.highvoltageideas.com and submit your ideas today.

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