September 13, 2007

IDEA partners with Faxinating Solutions, Inc. to facilitate EDI document exchange

Arlington, VA– September 13, 2007 – IDEA, an eCommerce service provider for the supply network industry, today announced their partnership with data integration and translation specialists, Faxinating Solutions, Inc.

This partnership will add a new and beneficial feature to the Industry Data Exchange (IDX), IDEA’s business document exchange tool, giving users the ability to turn facsimile documents into electronic data interchange (EDI) ready documents. EDI is a format that many companies in the supply network are progressively demanding from their trading partners.

The initial offering will allow customers to fax purchase orders and invoices through a Faxinating Solutions routing system which converts this documentation into an EDI format – done through Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Templates will be provided to customers to ensure a readable clarity with the appropriate data fields for direct input into IDX.

As the need grows, subsequent document and/or transaction types may be offered through this method with Faxinating Solutions.

IDEA will brand this partnership under its Software as a Service offering, the first of this kind.

For more information, please contact IDX Program Director, Tom Guzik at (703) 562-4610.

About IDEA

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