February 18, 2009

IDEA President Shares Insights on Attributed Data

IDEA continues to listen to your ideas and comments about IDEA’s eCommerce and data synchronization services. This month IDEA’s President responds to a question from an electrical distributor from Fargo, ND regarding efforts to increase manufacturer population of attributed/catalog data (e.g. images, material specs) in Industry Data Warehouse (IDW).

In this month’s submission, Barry Nelson, VP Marketing, Border States Electric Supply (Fargo, ND) emphasizes the necessity for manufacturers to efficiently provide attributed/catalog data to enable distributors to build online catalogs and to conduct eCommerce. He asks, “How can distributors impress upon manufacturers how important the initiative of attributed data is for doing B2B today?”

In response, Bob Gaylord, President and CEO, reiterates the importance of distributor and manufacturer trading partner relationships and discusses IDEA initiatives to provide the foundation and tools for manufacturers to send distributors attributed/catalog data in an efficient and standardized format.

Listen to Bob’s response and submit your comments at www.highvoltageideas.com.  

You can read more about the benefits of attributed data in the case study – A Journey through Data Discovery.