January 31, 2007

IDEA provides new UNSPSC resource to manufacturers

Arlington, VA – January 31, 2007 – IDEA, an industry owned eCommerce service provider, today announced the development of a new resource that relates UNSPSC (United Nations Standard Products and Services Code®) codes to commodity codes that have been commonly used by the electrical channel for years.

This new resource, in the form of a table, allows all products contained within a customer’s account in the IDW (Industry Data Warehouse) to be assigned appropriate UNSPSC codes. These codes are used throughout eCommerce for tracking expenditures and selecting products. A growing number of companies’ purchasing departments are requiring these codes on all products and services they purchase.

This table is now available to all IDEA IDW2 customers in the ‘Documents’ section of the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) Administrative website. This resource will assist in saving manufacturers and distributor trading partners the time and effort to code thousands of products by automatically linking to an existing required data field. Future expansion of this table has been planned to include other popular product coding systems. In addition, the UNSPSC codes were added to each manufacturer’s product data detail screen in the IDW.

The UNSPSC was established by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 1998. This system assigns an eight digit numerical value code to all forms of commerce; some include farm products, mining, manufacturing, transportation and charitable organizations, with the end goal resulting in a specific code for all forms of commerce. The UNSPSC coding system has achieved global recognition and currently has over 19,000 commodity codes. The IDW uses UNSPSC as the primary product code.

IDEA has long been a supporter of the UNSPSC and works for its acceptance on a global basis. IDEA has partnered with the code manager, GS1 US, and has the responsibility for the development and maintenance of the electrical portion of the UNSPSC system through its activities as a standards organization.

Please visit the UNSPSC (http://www.unspsc.org) for additional information on the coding system.


The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® (UNSPSC®) is an open, global standard taxonomy that allows organizations to consistently classify the products and services they buy and sell. Sanctioned by the United Nations and administered by GS1 US, the UNSPSC is designed to group similar products together into categories, which is valuable for analysis, organization and searching for and ordering products.

About IDEA

IDEA is an eCommerce service provider jointly owned by NEMA and NAED. Developed to drive down supply chain costs, IDEA (www.idea-eSolutions.com) provides the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW), a central repository of manufacturer product, pricing, and attributed data; the Industry Data Exchange (IDX) is an Internet-based communications hub that enables business trading partners to exchange business documents using EDI, XML, flat file, or Web form transactions sets; the Industry Retail Database (IRD) a central repository of manufacturer retail product data to meet retail hardware powered by CERICOMX®, CPG and GS1 US requirements; IDEA eCredit (IeC), a hosted industry account receivables reporting database and the Data Audit and Certification (DAC) Program to verify manufacturer data meets specification criteria to ensure data synchronization between business partners.