December 16, 2009

IDEA Standards Chair Shares Attribute Schema Insights

Phil Barrios, Sr. Director, Corporate Marketing & E-Business, Hubbell Inc. and IDEA Standards Committee Chair, recently shared his thoughts about the Electrical Industry Attribute Schema on the NAED and NEMA blogs. Read his insights and share yours today.

In his post, Barrios makes reference to the ever-growing shift from a “full-service” to “self-service” society and how it’s becoming more noticable that people are buying online instead of in line. His insights are supported by statistics from the National Retail Foundation and directly relate to the Attribute Schema the IDEA Standards Committee developed and will continue to enhance.

He goes on to explain how the Attribute Schema provides the means for manufacturers to provide standardized product details which help distributors and end-users to find, buy and sell more of their products online – a win-win for all. Visit the blogs below to read the complete post and make your comments: