December 19, 2007

IDEA Standards Committee Approves New Global Standards

IDEA and the IDEA Standards Committee (ISC) are pleased to announce completion of the next set of EDIFACT-Pro transactions. As was done with the ANSI X12 EDI Standards with the creation of an electrical industry subset, EDIPro, the same has been done with UN/EDIFACT, the European EDI Standard.


The ORDRSP and the INVOIC transactions were recently completed and approved by the IDEA Standards Committee and are now available for industry use.


The ISC is constantly striving to enable eCommerce within the Electrical Industry and beyond. The EDIFACT-Pro Guidelines, or subset, will enable IDEA trading partners to achieve the benefits of eCommerce in a global marketplace while incorporating the Standards in which they are familiar with and helped create.


If you are interested in using these transactions or would like to be involved with their creation through the EDIFACT Sub-committee, please contact Mary Shaw, IDEA Standards Director, at for more information.


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