October 31, 2007

IDEA Standards Committee Completes First EDIFACT-Pro Transaction

The IDEA Standards Committee (ISC) is pleased to announce the completion of the first EDIFACT-Pro transaction. EDIFACT-Pro is an electrical industry subset to the European EDI Standard, UN/EDIFACT, and was created similar to the ANSI X12 EDI subset, EDIPro.

The EDIFACT-Pro ORDERS transaction subset was approved by the IDEA Standards Committee, and is now available for industry use. The ORDRSP and the INVOIC transactions have also been completed and are now undergoing final approval, with release anticipated in early November.

The ISC is constantly striving to enable eCommerce within the electrical industry and beyond. In order to successfully achieve that goal, the requirements of our global manufacturers and distributors need to be met. Manufacturers like ERICO, Rockwell, Panduit, and Siemens, and distributors like Rexel and Hagemeyer, all conduct commerce in the European and global marketplace. The global marketplace most often does not conduct commerce through the ANSI X12 Standard outside of North America, but supports Standards like EDIFACT, EANCOM and RosettaNet XML.

The EDIFACT-Pro Guidelines, or subset, will enable IDEA trading partners to achieve the benefits of eCommerce in a global marketplace with Standards Guidelines the industry is familiar with and helps create.

If you are interested in using these transactions or would like to be involved with their creation through the EDIFACT Subcommittee, please contact Mary Shaw, IDEA Standards Director, at mshaw@idea-esolutions.com for more information.

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