January 11, 2019

IDEA Tags Mary Shaw for Director of International Standardization

On January 11, Mary Shaw, assumed the new role of Director of International Standardization.

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Arlington, VA– The Industry Data Exchange Association (IDEA) has named Mary Shaw as its Director for International Standardization.  In her new role, Mary will be responsible for bringing the ETIM Technical Information Model (ETIM) to the IDEA Connectorsm platform.

Starting in 1998 as a cooperative standard to facilitate the sale of electrical products between European trading partners, ETIM, now in its seventh version, has since expanded into additional market sectors and product categories, and has established technical committees in more than 20 countries globally.  IDEA is the convener of ETIM North America and its USA/Canada technical committee with Mary as the committee’s managing director.

The two critical tasks behind ETIM adoption include the creation of a North American translation of the standard, and mapping between the ETIM product classifications and those currently used by IDEA.  “Mary has been a member of the ETIM Technical Committee for almost a decade and was named to its Governing Board in 2018,” said Paul Molitor, IDEA’s President & CEO.  “She is ideally positioned to be the driving force behind this effort for IDEA.”

While Mary focuses on the international arena, the maintenance of IDEA’s existing Product and Category Attribute Standards (the PAS and the CAS) will shift to its User Group for the IDEA Connector sm under the product management team.  Those interested in learning more about ETIM for North America or joining the USA/Canada committee can visit, https:www.idea4industry.com/etimnorthamerica or contact Mary Shaw directly at MShaw@IDEA4Industry.com

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