December 1, 2016

IDEA Tip of the Week: IDW Document Library

We at IDEA strive to provide as many resources as possible to help manufacturers and distributors maximize their subscription to the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). As such, our IDW team and the Industry Standards Committee (ISC) have created various documents based on function, recommendations, and guidelines, which are available in the IDW.

Users can access these documents within the IDW’s Document Library by navigating to Advanced > Information > Documents. There, they will find documents to assist with data certification, various IDW templates, updated code lists, training resources, and more. Below, we explore how the resources are organized within the IDW Document Library so users can better understand all that is available. 

How the documents are organized

  • Training Material: Resources, such as videos and Quick Reference Guides, that pertain to IDW functions and tools. Some resources are separated into distributor- or manufacturer-relevant material.
  • Data Certification: Guides to help manufacturers achieve compliance or excellence that include, but are not limited to, critical field rules and common errors.
  • Best Practice White Paper: Best practice reports that include topics such as format recommendations and implementation guides.
  • Guideline: Guidelines, or templates, to help users send data or extract data from the IDW in either FlatFile, XML, or EDIPro formats.
  • Feedback Form: Manufacturers and distributors can use these forms to request changes to the IDW (e.g., standards, the Classification and Marketing Descriptor Model (CMD), the IDW application, reports, or the Data Certification Program).
  • Code List: Include all the codes that are used to help describe products in the IDW. These include items like Text Type codes, unit of measure codes, country codes, etc.


Additional Information

  • Filters: The “Search By” drop-down menu allows users to filter documents by Document Title, Views, Description, Type or Posted. Use the “Posted” filter to sort documents by the most recent postdate to stay up to date on the newest content.
  • Accessibility: Access to documents is based on subscription level. Subscribers who are not Premium account holders may purchase additional documents from the standards store.  
  • Updates: We ask manufacturers to avoid saving documents from the Document Library to their computers, since these controlled documents may be edited/updated periodically. Instead, we recommend referencing the document library periodically for up to date information.


If you have questions regarding any of IDEA’s documents or resources, please contact your Data Management Specialist, or email For any questions regarding account status information, please contact the Account Management team at

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