August 15, 2016

IDEA Tip of the Week: IDW Excellence Module

To help manufacturers in the process of achieving excellence within the Data Certification Program, IDEA offers the IDW Excellence Module. Available to IDW for Manufacturers (IDW-M) subscribers, the IDW Excellence Module is a tool that enables users to identify which of their items in the IDW are not meeting industry data quality standards. 

From one central location, manufacturers can then drill down into each of the 43 critical fields for the eligible items, gaining more detailed insight that will help prioritize their efforts in the move toward excellence and, ultimately, certification. Below are three features of the IDW Excellence Module with which our Data Management Specialists recommend to start the process.

The Executive Summary table provides an overview of excellence by data groups, presenting their excellence percentage (excellence %) – the percentage of items that have no errors in the 43 critical fields – as well as the number of erroneous items within the data group. A data group is a compilation of fields belonging to a similar category. Clicking on a data group directs to the Group Summary table. 

1. Group Summary

This summary shows the critical fields within a data group and lets you know the percentage of items in the field that are programmatically excellent and the number of erroneous items within that field. Clicking on a field directs to the Error Summary table.

2. Error Summary

This table displays the errors present in a particular field, as well as the number of occurrences of each error and the item percentage in an account where the error is present. Clicking on an error directs to the Error List

3. Error List

The Error List allows users to view and identify errors by item. Items can be viewed by:

– Item control #

Clicking on the item directs to the catalog page in the IDW for the item. Clicking on the total fields number directs to the full list of fields for the item where errors are present. The Error List provides a work list to correct specific errors.

4. Data Certification Report

This report is an Excel document that lists all fields by item, as well as the item eligibility for data certification and if the item is compliant and programmatically excellent. The Data Certification Report was created as an aggregate report to identify which items contain errors to be resolved. The report shows all 43 critical fields with the notation “P” for “Pass”, “F” for “Fail”, or “W” for “Warning” (indicates that a field is not populated but passes for excellence due to a temporary exclusion).

Note: When requesting a Data Certification Report, a job number is given, and the document will be accessible within 10-15 minutes.

Manufacturers with an IDW for Manufacturers subscription can access the IDW Excellence Module by using the following steps: Log in to the IDW > Advanced > Information > Data Certification > Excellence.

If you have questions regarding the IDW Excellence Module, please contact your Data Management Specialist, or email