July 28, 2016

IDEA Tip of the Week: Invoice Description

IDEA’s Data Certification Program is designed to measure the item-level completeness and quality of data available within the IDW.

The program focuses on 43 critical data fields in the IDW that contain the transactional and descriptive product information distributors need to conduct business and sell manufacturers’ products (e.g. brand, packaging, price effective date, etc.).

The first step – compliance – focuses on the population of data content fields within the IDW. The second step – programmatic excellence – goes one step further and measures the quality, or consistency and accuracy, of the compliant data.

While the invoice description field may seem like an easy field to populate, there are some common errors that occur in this field that can keep you from achieving excellence. IDEA’s Data Management Specialists have provided the “why” behind each error message in the invoice description field.

Invoice Description is defined as the description that would be printed on an invoice (40 characters max) and cannot contain or be equal to the Catalog Number. How is the Invoice Description different from the Catalog Description? The Catalog Description is a long description, up to 3072 characters allowed, with a marketing objective to define functionality of the item. The rule for Catalog Description states that it cannot be equal to the Invoice Description.  

If you have questions regarding invoice description errors, please contact your Data Management Specialist, or email info@idea4industry.com.