January 26, 2017

IDEA Tip of the Week: Language Options for IDEA Connector Fields

With each passing year, the electrical industry takes steps to adapt to the growth in global trade, which often includes a need to communicate product information in multiple languages. Did you know that IDEA Connector can accommodate multiple languages, facilitating such international business?

Numerous free-form text data fields within IDEA Connector can accept multiple languages beyond English, and IDEA’s Data Management Specialist team has composed an IDW Fields: Language Options resource that identifies all such data fields.

To access a more in-depth version of this resource, log into the IDW, and navigate to the IDW’s Document Library: Advanced > Information > Documents.



Language Options  

IDEA Connector has the capability to handle data in any language within its ”Product Text Information” fields (Section 6.0 of the PDD Standard) when that data is loaded via EDI or XML. However, when that data is loaded via Flat File, the following “Product Text Information” fields are only accepted in English, French, Spanish, and German: Brand, Invoice Description, Receipt Description, and Short Description. This limitation is due to Flat File document size constraints.

Note: Due to the nature of the “Concatenated Description” field, that field is, and has always been, limited to English only.

Each of the “Product Text Information” fields is paired with a “Language Code” field, which must contain an ISO 639 standard language code (a two- or three-letter lowercase abbreviation used to identify the applicable language being sent).

  • For “Product Text Information” fields containing URLs, the documents to which those URLs point can be in any ISO 639 language, and should be identified by the applicable ISO 639 Language Code.

Further details on the specific “Product Text Information” language are outlined in the IDW Fields: Language Options resource.

Attribute Language Limitations  

For free-form text fields loaded for the Classification and Marketing Descriptor Model (CMD), the “Name/Label” attribute must be in English; however, the alpha text “Value” can be in another language.  There is currently no way to identify what the language within “Value” is, so loading in English only is recommended. This is a limitation of the current IDW platform and will be resolved in the next-generation platform.

Note: IDEA is not responsible for validating language accuracy in any free-form text field. Manufacturers must verify language accuracy for their own data.

Layout of “IDW Fields: Language Options” Resource  

Within the IDW Fields: Language Options resource, fields are separated into the three text types: 1) Transactional Data; 2) Descriptions; 3) URLs for marketing/supporting documents. Information regarding each field’s code ID, code type, and Product Descriptor Database (PDD) NEMA number, as well as a brief explanation of the field, is included.

If you have questions regarding how to load data into the IDW in languages other than English, please contact your Data Management Specialist, or email info@idea4industry.com.