November 18, 2016

IDEA Tip of the Week: Multiple Images

Did you know that the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW) can house more than one image per product? If you want to share multiple depictions of your products with your trading partners, the IDW enables you to load up to nine different images per product.

Image Type

When loading any product image into the IDW, manufacturers should consider using the “Image Type” field to communicate the type of image they are supplying to the IDW and better inform their trading partners. Manufacturers can select from three different image type options:

  • Actual – A photo of the specific item being sold, displaying actual size, color, etc.
  • Family – Can be used to display several items of a family group in one image, including individual components that may make up the final product.
  • Representative – Can be used if the photo loaded into the IDW shows the basic product without some customizable options (e.g., variation in size or color of the product).

Multiple Views

Along with having the ability to load different image types into the IDW, manufacturers are also able to provide multiple views of their product. For example, a manufacturer may want to display a product from alternate angles, showing what it looks like from the front, side, back, top, and/or bottom to mimic what a buyer would see if physically handling the product. Manufacturers can also include photos that present their product in comparison to some other object, to provide a point of reference for size and scale. A manufacturer might even consider showing their product in use, so the buyer can fully understand its function.

Manufacturers are not limited to providing only one image per product in the IDW, which allows them to better differentiate their products. With access to more than one image for each product, distributors can make more complete and informed purchases which, in turn, allows distributors to more completely educate end users.

If you have questions regarding product images in the IDW, please contact your Data Management Specialist, or email